Civic Voter Education Program

CISSTA Kenya actively engages in voter civic education. To quote of the Kenyan leaders, “Civic education is essential in creating the necessary civic awareness, reorienting the national psyche for the new dispensation and engendering robust public engagement in the implementation process.

In collaboration with other civic/voter education providers, CISSTA Kenya organizes consultative meetings to share, plan and adequately conduct mapping for eased implementation of the programme and reaching all voters. This ensures that many community members as possible are reached so as to achieve the goals and objectives of voter education.

To effectively implement the programme, CISSTA KENYA’s team of local organizers identifies the areas to mobilize and educate people with the following sessions covered; community mobilization and sensitization/training sessions, introduction to voter education, importance of registration as a voter, inspection of the voters’ register, IIEC and IIEC Elector’s Card, Requirements during the polling day, Laws that govern elections - Offences and Code of Conduct, Role of citizens and their rights, free and fair elections, polling procedures, use of ballot papers, assisted voters, counting votes and results, and conflicts solving.



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