Community Capacity Building

Following the 2007 elections in Kenya over 1,000 people were killed, and an estimated 350, 000 displaced many of whom continue to be unable to return home as issues of demobilizing the militias who fought in the post-election riots, addressing the impunity of connected officials, and  the poverty and youth unemployment have yet to be taken up. Leaders of the National Council of Churches as well as officials of Kenya’s Human Rights Commission predict that violence in the country will explode again during next year’s vote. This is all despite the coalition government’s expressed commitment to national reconciliation and conflict prevention.

In order to respond to the concerns, and the expressed need to build the capacity of local community organizations and members, IPJ in partnership with local partner CISSTA (A changed world from ‘sister’) Kenya will bring together the expertise of the IPJ WomenPeacemakers from across Africa to develop the capacity of local communities in particularly vulnerable areas to address the root causes of conflict, foster the development of better ethnic relations, and mitigate instances of violence.
Bringing together the combined expertise of both organizations, the program will target youth and women, in separate training sessions, in order to specifically address the unique and particular needs of each group, and highlight their particular areas of effective intervention.

Specific Objectives

1. Build the capacity of community members, particularly  women and youth, to prevent the re occurrence of election violence in their respective communities
2. Develop local peace committees to sensitize and educate the larger community on civic and electoral issues prior to the election
3. Facilitate the establishment of a sustainable regional group/mechanism to inform and support local initiatives and strategies

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