Volunteer Program

CISSTA Kenya has been collaborating with " VOUCH: caring Volunteers for youth, Child and Health care”, Amandi and Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice a volunteer exchange program on empowering communities to prevent post Election Violence. Some of the main activities in this collaboration includes:

1. Being both Hosting and Sending Organization.
2. Facilitating  Kenyan volunteers to have an experience to volunteer abroad as well as ensure that the received volunteers from Europe are send to the projects in Kenya,
3. Keeping in touch with the volunteer(s) and with the projects during the voluntary period.Cultural Exchange – Give the volunteer the opportunity to exchange and share experiences and learning outcomes.
4. Providing necessary support to volunteer(s) to help reintegrate them into their home community upon return.

CISSTA Kenya sent a number of Kenyans to Europe under this program. The aim was to acquire new knowledge and skills, competencies / non-formal education. Personal example of teamwork, communication, a new language, explore new rituals and traditions that will enrich the participants and will provide:

1. Opportunities for acquiring knowledge and competencies;
2. Building communication skills and work with people with disabilities;
3. Acquisition of language skills / written and spoken Italian language;
4. Direct work with people with different background from different Italian communities;
5. Skills development through team work;
6. Gaining new creativity and methods of approaching when working with people;
7. Create new friends and acquaintances;
8. Will be familiar with the customs and culture;
9. Social and intercultural skills;
10.Acquisition of responsibility towards the different activities;
11.Better understanding of different people;
12.European identity.

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